A warm welcome and heartfelt greetings to everyone visiting my blog. My blog is a channel through which I connect to my fellow readers across the length and breadth of this world surpassing the borders of any country.

What I write or refer to here may be from a gamut of emotions, art or perhaps anything just like my mind itself. As I said, it’s a wire that carries the current of thoughts, opinions, experiences and viewpoints from me to all of you.

I personally find blogging the best way to pen down one’s instantaneous thoughts or store one’s work so as to keep them safe and consolidated. It’s a divine feeling when you get to see and appreciate others’ work on their blogs and communicate with them. On the whole, this blogging world is sure to inspire your every bit. It will leave you awestruck as you sincerely explore deeper and deeper into this enlightened mine to find the most precious gem of learning.