I know Christmas is more than a month away but I made it. So, here it is…

Actually, I made this sketch initially with the aim of bringing out the joy of Christmas but eventually went with the flow and made this.

It shows that Lord Jesus’s birthday stands for the welfare of children, elders as well as animals. He showers his love over everyone regardless of the divides created by man. Furthermore, the mountains, sea and the sands show his omnipresence. 

The electrons and holes of LIFE

Dear friends, this time I am going to present a message in the form of dialogues. Please do not panic if you cannot relate to the heading of this article. I promise to make it clear at the end. Just enjoy.

It starts with four friends out on a boat ( Form of ‘Three men in a boat’ if Montmorency is taken a person 😁). The surging waves are going higher and higher. Their lives are at peril but they have a mission ahead…


Wallace, Foggy, Peter, Nori.

Early morning. Turbulent Sea.

Foggy:     Hello! Is everyone ready?

Wallace: Hi! Absolutely!

Peter:      Hoila!! Yippee!!

Nori:        Whatever…

Wallace: We have a great mission ahead. Oh! it seems that a huge wave is on its way towards US!

Peter:       Yup but we can surely get over it. Let’s make it an example for the onlookers.

Nori:        Oh please! Hope you remember the last time. We were almost dead, you blockhead. You all are such oddballs.

Foggy:     Silence. I think you all need to proceed. Leave the rest to me. Nori, go to the other end and row.

Nori goes. However, according to his habit, he sits in opposite direction but also rows in the wrong way. He is actually helping! However, he does not know it and is happy in his notorious mind that he is destroying the effort.
Wallace: I am really having a hard time. It seems to be a herculean task to keep up. I am trying my best.

Nori:       Alas! We will all go to our watery graves and become a part of shadows forever.

Peter:     Shut up, you couch potato Nori. We will surely make it…
…After much struggle, with infinite patience and boundless courage, our dauntless warriors are all safe now.

Wallace: Yayyyyyy!!!!! We finally did it. This time Foggy was with us. However, the best part is that we all tried and we could put Nori to positive work.

Nori:       What! I really helped? I am such a fool.
Thus they kept facing all the obstacles with faith and perseverance. Let us wish good luck to them.

Now, revealing the real names of the characters. See if you can relate.






As I promised, I named this article this way because it upholds the essence of this story. In scientific terms, under influence of electric field, in a semiconductor, the current constituted is due to the electrons and holes. However, they move in opposite direction. Hence, their currents add up instead of subtracting . In simple terms, it is like positivity that boosts our will power but if we push our negativity away, that force in turn boosts us again. The simple sense of negative and negative makes a positive. Drive positivity in positive direction and negativity in negative direction. You always get a positive in your life.


Hi, guys! There is nothing to be scared. I am NOT talking about the Blue Whale. That game is horrifying, unscrupulous and ill motivated. I myself felt deep agony for the innocent victims. It is pitiful that our technology is being manipulated to produce evil. 

Hence, I thought why did it take such a malicious turn? Gaming can be used in a much meaningful, productive and healthy way. Here are some of my tasks on “MY GLOWING WHALE” game. (This is a fictitious name given by me. You can call it anything as you wish.)

1. Wake up early for a week and do yoga for half an hour. It will already become a habit.

2. NO need to carve anything on your body. Just plant a tree and carve its life by taking care of it.

3. NO need to starve yourself. Just donot waste food. If you have more, then feed the already starving.

4. NO need to mutilate yourself. Mutilate your negative thoughts, work hard and help someone everyday.

5. NO need to do daring stupid tasks. Just be happy and cheerful as always. How about a memorable outing with friends and family? 

6. NO need to prove your worth by risking your life. Know the worth of our scanty resources and prove your intelligence by curbing their wastage.

7. NO need to die. If you do the things I have mentioned above then you will never ever think of dying. You have a lot to achieve and a lot to learn, my dear coz now you are a GLOWING MIND.


I personally like this kind of over-short stories. Like comedy punchlines, these stories carry a complete storyline in the backdrop. Here are a few examples I thought of. Let me know how you think about such writing. I think these are quite attractive and some are on a serious tone too. The best part is you can easily fit in any genre into them. The following examples do have different tastes. Have a look.

1. Some people around us are so nice. She lost her love, her crush chose someone else over her and her relatives liked her brother more than her. However, she never came to know she was ugly.

2. After a good night’s sleep, I decided to refresh myself when I looked in the mirror but my damn reflection didn’t look back at me…

3. I got involved in a hit and run case but I escaped. I am a single guy who goes to office by his bike daily but one day my neighbour asked me, “Who is that pretty girl who sits on your bike behind you everyday? Hmmm girlfriend???” WHAT!…

4. She was my best friend but some scroundrels molested her. She gave up her life and I couldnot tell her how much I loved her and would always do…

5. He was taunted for having so strict parents. All of his friends had decided to party at his house but he knew his parents won’t agree. When he came back home, he found this note, ‘Dear, Mama and papa are going to the aunt’s and will be back by tomorrow noon. Dinner is in the fridge.’ The rest is history…


Life moves on and you keep going in this hurdle-race like an aspiring winner gasping for breath at times, falling, getting up and running again. Just take a break from this race and try to dive into what I have to say. I assure that you will feel much better.

Ask yourself if everyone around you holds equal place in your throbbing heart. No, right? Now answer my questions. Have you ever thought if there is anyone in your life you have kept no secrets to? Is there anyone who always stands by you and understands each and every beat of your heart, your follies, your likes, your mind and above all, your soul? 

You may have an answer, it might be your guardians, your friend, your soul mate while some may be agonised by the thought that they have no one as the one described. But think over and read the questions again. You might be obliged to many in your life who have made you what you are and might have even moulded the way you think by enlightening you. 

Think about the times when it wasn’t all well, rather it might not be even now, the times you went berserk, the times you were hurt, the times that flash before your eyes, the times when you didnot know how to tell others, the times you thought you were done for, the times of sleepless nights or the times you lived for. All are a part of your life.

We all need someone to understand our perspectives, respect our feelings, know that you didnot do something intentionally or even if you did you are sorry, just want to move on and stop the mocking, judging voices. We need one who knows what we should do next and guide us. I do not know which phase of life you are in but I believe you have come to appreciate the need of this person in your life. May God bless you with someone like that. 

The Almighty has, however, a golden heart and hence he has gifted each one of us with such a person……………………..its YOU. Now rewind your 2 minutes and think when you started reading this text. Some of you might have guessed the end but all I wanted was to make you appreciate the importance of YOU and BEING YOURSELF in your life. Let’s help ourselves and pass the hurdles together- you and YOU.


My dear friends, raise your sagging spirits, think you never fell,

Coz that’s what can save you from your death knell.

Believe me friends, it’s the loud whispers that may surround you someday.

It’s not a dream, you will learn as you make your way.

They are knives put on your edge but know

 that they do not let you fall off that edge;

You drag your mortal self through this path and long to put an end to all the rage;

You wish to stop all these whispers that tear you entrails like beast’s claws;

But Wait, my friend, always know that only when you finish your trek on this awful path the loud whispers turn to loud applause.

It seems a dream but perhaps you never understood that all these whispers were just praises that were under cover all the while

You made it undergo a metamorphosis and now it’s your time…